Production of night vision devices - Monoculars / Goggles night visions / Sights / Surveillance devices / Digital PNV / Night driving systems

Night vision devices

Night devices for observation in low light, twilight or night.

Night vision devices


Night vision riflescopes

Optical devices for conducting aimed fire in conditions of complete darkness.

Thermal images sight

Designed for hunting, monitoring the terrain and providing targeted fire in all light conditions and in all weather conditions.

Thermal images monocular and goggles

Thermal imaging devices are designed to study the environment in the infrared range and to monitor the terrain under any light conditions.


Day and night vision device

Day and night devices allow you to monitor the terrain in two modes, both at night and during the day. Switching and selection of the observation mode is carried out using a special mechanism.

Day and night long distance PDN-412 (22x)


Optics sights

Optical sights are designed to accurately guide the target and monitor the terrain.


Digital night vision device

Digital night vision devices based on light-sensitive CCD matrices for monitoring objects both in daytime and at night.

Digital night vision device


Night vision systems for cars

Night vision systems for the car provide VIDEO control of the surrounding area around the vehicle while driving at night.


Two channel device

Supervision combining thermal imaging and night vision in one device.

Two channel device