PDN-412 (22x) Day and night long distance

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Long distance day and night vision device PDN-412 (22x NIGHT / 22x DAY)

The integrated day/night device PDN-412 is a long-range surveillance device with an increase of 21/22x.

Long distance day and night vision device PDN-412 (22x NIGHT / 22x DAY)
PDN-412 Long distance day and night vision device (22x NIGHT / 22x DAY)
Long distance PDN 413 night vision devices (22x)

The device is able to view objects at a distance of 3000 to 5000 meters even in low light conditions, and bad weather conditions.  Or it can be used by day as a binocular with an increase of 22x.

The excellent light transmission performance and using Gen2+ and Gen3 intensifier tube make you view the long range target easily.

On the other hand,this product is also equipped with heavy-duty telescopic tripod to make it easy to be moved.

At the same time, PDN-412 has the following advantages,such as the brightness source protection and automatic brightness adjustable functions.

Key features

  • Long observation range (2800 m. at low light level)
  • High image quality across the screen
  • Unique fast optics enables high light transmission
  • Bright light cut-off
  • Automatic brightness from lateral or frontal light sources
  • Automatic brightness control with manual override (optional)
  • Low power consumption
  • Heavy-duty telescopic tripod
  • Leak-proof design
  • Suitable for long-period observation
  • 1 year warranty

Specifications: Long distance day and night vision device PDN-412

Magnification 21x (night), 22x (day)
Focus range, m. from 200 to infinity
Angular field of view, degree
Exit pupil, mm. 4,5
Diopter setting from -4 to +4   
Reticle scale-division value, mils 5
Supply voltage, V 3
Power supply Lithium battery CR123 (1 pc.)
Battery lifetime, hours 80
Operating temperature from -40 to +50° С   
Waterproof Yes
Weight, kg. 12
Overall dimensions, mm. 400x250x240

Specifications: IIT

Photocathode type S-20 Ga As
Photocathode sensitivity μA/lm. min. 500 min. 1800
Limiting resolution, lp/mm. 55-64 min. 64
Signal to noise ratio at 108 μlx,  min. 15 - 21 22 - 27
FOM, typical > 1150  1500
Minimum operating time, h. 10 000 12 000
Range of detection, m.:
- quarter moon to 3600/3900 to 4500/5000
- cloud cover to 3200/3600 to 4100/4500
Recognition range, m.:    
- quarter moon to 2800/3100 to 3900/4300
- cloud cover to 2000/2300 to 3400/3800