TIW3 (1х/2-4х) thermal monocular

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Thermal monocular TIW3 (1х/2-4х)

Portable thermal imaging monocular «TIW3» - has a small size and weight, is indispensable for studying the environment in the infrared range.

Thermal monocular TIW3
Thermal mini-monocular TIW3 Video OUT
Thermal mini-monocular TIW3
Thermal mini-monocular TIW3
Thermal mini-monocular TIW3 on a helmet

Easy to use and a large field of view allows you to comfortably use the device at short and long distances
It can be used for terrain observation under any light conditions (day, night, twilight), as well as under various adverse conditions (rain, fog, snowfall, etc.), and maintains its full operability even under thick smoke blanketing. This device registers even the light thermal changes, which makes it possible for a user to detect various objects amount the surrounding background due to the color temperature difference.

The thermal imaging device of «TIW3» series can be used by the personnel of the law enforcement and special services for searching hidden rooms and facilities, perimeter-based scanning, naval and terrain surveillance, analyzing profile and structures of materials, search of missing people, search of marks/footprints and fingerprints on various surfaces, search of lost cars, or pollutants detection.

Portable thermal imaging monocular "TIW3" is equipped with a universal connector that allows you to attach recording devices to the device and connect external power supplies.
Equipped with a mount for mounting on the headband or helmet.

Key features

  • Several color modes
  • Digital-zoom 2x - 4x
  • An option of photo or video recording on external devices
  • Light weight and compact design, waterproof and shockproof.
  • 1 year of warranty

Specifications: Thermal images sight TIW3

Magnification 1x (digital zoom 2x-4x)
FOV (HxV) 33°x 25° (detector 384 px)
33.6°x 25.5° (detector 640 px)
Ocular focal length f ' = 20,133
Objective focal length f ' = 11 (detector 384 px)
f ‘ = 18 (detector 640 px
Eye relief distance 14,5 mm.
Eye relief diameter 5,4 mm.
Focusing range from 0.3 m to infinity
Diopter adjustment range -4 ~ + 2
Detector type Uncooled
Detector material Noncrystalline silicon
Display 0.6 inches colorful OLED 800x600 px.
Frame rate 50 Hz.
Video output Yes
Thermal sensitivity < 50 mK
Spectral response 7-14
Distance of the human detection 500 m.
Distance of the human recognition 200 m.
Distance of the human identification 120 m.
Thermal image color white heat / red heat / blue heat / yellow heat
Operate Tem -40°С ~ +50°С
Storage Tem -45°С ~ +85°С
Keep working time 8 hours
Dimension 115x60x45 mm.
Weight 240 g.
Battery type 1pcs CR123A  lithium battery