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Thermal images sight TIW1-50 (5x)

Thermal imaging device of TIW1-50 (5x) series is designed for hunting, environment investigations, and sight shooting under any light conditions (day, night, twilight) as well as under various adverse conditions (rain, fog, snowfall, etc.), its full operability even under thick smoke blanketing.

Thermal images sight TIW1-50 (5x)
Video cable for Thermal images sight TIW1-50 (5x)

This sight is based on the thermal emission from various objects, animals, and other sources.
This device registers even the light thermal changes, which makes it possible for a user to detect various objects amount the surrounding background.

The mark is formed on the electronic display, and it always retained within the target image plane.
The imager can be adapted to the most types of hunting weapon using fixing plates.

TIW1-50 imagers have moisture protection rating IPX7, thus they can be used under any intensity precipitations, as well as withstand short-term submersion.
TIW1-50 imagers are equipped with a video output to perform real-time images recording on external devices.

Key features

  • Several color modes
  • E-Zoom 8-16x / 5-10x
  • An option of photo or video recording on external devices
  • Light weight and compact design, waterproof and shockproof.
  • 1 year of warranty

Specifications: Thermal images sight TIW1-50 (5x)

Sensor (microbolometer), px. 384х288 / 640X480
Image size (output resolut ion), px. 800х600
Frame rate 50 Hz.
Display, px. Color OLED matrix SVGA < 800х600 
Thermal sensitivity < 50 mК.
Spectral response 7-14 µm.
Lens system, mm. 50
Field of view, (HxV) 7.5x5.6° / 8.3x6.2°
Eye relief, mm. 52
Optical magnification 4.0х / 2.5х
E-Zoom 8-16x / 5-10x   
Diopter setting from -5 to +5
Distance of the human det ection, m. 1200 / 1550
Distance of the human re cognition, m. 500 / 620
Distance of the human Identification, m. 300 / 370
Brightness adjustment Manual
Sharpness adjustment Automatic
Polarity control White hot / Black hot / Multiple Color Modes
Start up time <5 sec
Environmental rating Waterproof / Dust proof
Operating temperature from -50° to +55°С
Battery type Lithium battery CR123 (2 or 4 pcs depending on the model)
Battery life, hours 6-8
Video out Yes
Low Battery Indicator Yes
Dimensions (without bracket), mm. 274x80x92
Weight, g. 900