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Night vision goggles Mini GNV

Mini GNV night vision goggles are designed for navigation during maneuvering the terrain, visual observation over various objects, and reading texts and maps in conditions of natural night illumination / twilight, cloudy moonless night /and in absolute darkness.

Night vision goggles Mini GNV
Mini GNV night vision goggles
Mini GNV night vision goggles
Night vision goggles Mini GNV on a helmet
Exchangeable lens for Night vision monocular Mini MNV-X

The goggles can be used during security and rescue operations, hunting, and exploration of the nocturnal wildlife.

Mini GNV night vision goggles are optimal for specific tasks, where free hands are required, or in conditions, when such goggles should be used as the night vision binocular. Mini GNV is equipped with a special accessory for helmet mounting.

Standard goggles are supplied without additional optics; however, optionally the goggles can be supplied with a range of 1x, 3x, 5x, and 8x interchangeable lens.

The range of application covers both nonprofessional activities (observation, hunting), and professional (security, law enforcement, search operations).

The device is equipped with electro-optical converters (IIT), the IIT 2+, and IIT 3 generation, which provide green of black&white visible band.
Optionally, goggles can be equipped with a switched power supply.

Key features

  • Small size, compact, and robust.
  • Automatic brightness control
  • Bright-source protection
  • Wide range of infrared light, long-distance scanning.
  • ON/OFF indicator of IR light source
  • 3x, 5x, and 8x interchangeable lens
  • Leak-proof design
  • Convenient for working and long-period observation
  • Convenient for long-period observation
  • 1 year warranty

Specifications: night vision goggles GNV

CHARACTERISTICS Mini GNV night vision goggles
Magnification 1х; 3х; 3,5х; 5х; 7х
Focus range, m. from 0.25 to infinity
Angular field of view, deg. 40°
Eye relief distance, mm. 57-72
Output pupil diameter, mm. 15
Output pupil relief, mm. 15
Diopter setting from -6 to +5
Supply voltage, V 3
Power supply lithium batteries CR123 (1 pc.)
Operating time without IR illumination, min, hours 80
Operating time with IR illumination, min, hours 40
Operating temperature from -40 to +50° С;
Monocular weight, g. 510
Headmount weight, g, max. 180
Overall dimensions, mm. 160x150x75
AUTO switch-off when the device is set in a vertical
Protection against prolonged high exposures («auto-off» at Е>40 lx., in 60 sec)

Specifications: IIT

Photocathode type S-20 Ga As
Photocathode sensitivity μA/lm. min. 500 min. 1800
Limiting resolution, lp/mm. 55-64 min. 64
Signal to noise ratio at 108 μlx,  min. 15 - 21 22 - 27
Minimum operating time, h. 10 000 12 000
Range of detection, m.:
- quarter moon to 200/220 to 275/330
- cloud cover to 125/140    to 240/275
Recognition range, m.:    
- quarter moon to 175/195 to 225/245
- cloud cover to 100/110 to 150/165