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Thermal images goggles TIW3

Thermal images goggles TIW3 enables law enforcement personnel to see heat signatures of objects, people, and other sources.

Thermal images goggles TIW3
Thermal images goggles TIW3 on a helmet

TIW3 thermal goggles detects extremely small differences in temperature so that officers can distinguish people from their immediate surroundings. Needing no light to operate, the goggles TIW3 generates high-quality images on the darkest nights, even through smoke and fog. Compare that to conventional night vision equipment, which requires light or special illuminators and is incapacitated by smoke, fog, and often other particulates. While darkness and camouflage can defeat night vision, suspects cannot hide from TIW3. Their own body heat gives them away. The TIW3 thermal imager is a powerful tool for tactical, surveillance and scene assessment applications. Its small size, light weight and convenient bi-ocular eyepiece make the TIW3 simple and yet, very effective in operation.

Key features

  • Binocular construction
  • Head / helmet mounted or hand held
  • Simple and fast operation
  • Multiple Color Modes
  • E-Zoom 2X-4X electronic zoom
  • An option of photo or video recording on external devices
  • Light weight and compact design, waterproof and shockproof.
  • 1 year warranty

Specifications: Thermal goggles TIW3

CHARACTERISTICS goggles TIW3-15-3 goggles TIW3-25-6
Sensor (microbolometer), px. 384х288 640X480
Image size (output resolut ion), px. 800х600
Frame rate 50 Hz.
Display, px. 0,6 inch Color OLED matrix SVGA < 800х600 
Thermal sensitivity < 50 mК.
Spectral response 7-14 µm.
Lens system, mm. F15 F25
Field of view, (HxV) 25°x18.76° 
Eye relief distance, mm. 57-65 
Optical magnification 1x 
E-Zoom 2x-4x 
Diopter setting from -5 to +5 
Distance of the human det ection, m. 500  600
Distance of the human re cognition, m. 200  240
Distance of the human Identification, m. 120  160
Brightness adjustment Manual 
Sharpness adjustment Automatic 
Polarity control White hot / Black hot / Multiple Color Modes
Start up time <5 sec 
Environmental rating Waterproof / Dust proof 
Operating temperature from -40° to +55°С 
Battery type  
Battery life, hours 8
Video out Yes 
Low Battery Indicator Yes 
Dimensions (without bracket), mm. 180x135x62
Weight, g. 450