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About the Company "NVD Optical Product".

"NVD Optical Product" company has been working in the market of optical devices since 2016, being a member of the group of companies "ROSA Holding", Russia.
"NVD Optical Product" is a well-coordinated team of highly qualified specialists of the industry, certified by various manufacturers. Professional and technical potential of the company, vast experience in the design and development of optical devices and systems form the basis of company's activity.

By virtue of the experience and deep knowledge of our specialists of various technologies, the company has undeniable advantages in the market of night vision devices, thermal imaging devices and other special surveillance and detection systems.


The specialists of the "NVD Optical Product" company use the most up-to-date technologies and cooperate with a number of well-known Russian manufacturers – “Katod” JSC, ZAO "Ekran Optical Systems", Photon (Russia), "ROSA HOLDING", "NVD Technologies" and large manufacturers of microelectronics and optics of China, Hong Kong, etc.

Lines of Business.

Video surveillance devices and systems.
Development and deployment in production of night vision devices based on electron-optical converters of 2+ and 3 generations, as well as thermal imaging devices and the latest video systems, which provide absolutely new opportunities for video surveillance, have become one of the relevant lines of business of the company. The company has developed and launched production of a thermal imagery monocular with as low as practicable size and for a weight of 240 grams. Process of development of the dual channel night vision and thermal imagery device united in one product is completed. At the same time, the most expensive element - the electron-optical converter (EOC) - is excluded from the device. Its function is accomplished by CCD matrix with sensitivity of 10 minus 3, that corresponds to the EOD technical parameters of generation 2+. The production of night vision devices, including sights, thermal images sight, monoculars and night vision goggles starts on the basis of this matrix. The 6 channel complex of thermal imaging observation with the all-round surveillance (360 degrees) is developed and its production is launched. This complex is intended for special armored vehicles (both military and civil).

The company is represented at the global market and has representations in the UAE, Hong Kong and in the countries of the Middle East.


The company delivers complex services from consulting to supply of equipment for production, control of products, as well as training of personnel of the specialized service centers
Specialists of the company "NVD Optical Product". perform R&D works as a result of which result into constant opportunity to improve products and to launch production of the newest types of products that haven’t been presented at the market before.
Qualified technicians of the company carry out installation and adjustment, and also provide services during overall service life for the whole range of video surveillance devices.

The company regularly organizes training courses for experts allowing consumers to get acquainted directly with modern technologies and innovative products, and allowing developers and producers to understand specifics and requirements of the market.